How To Have Sex

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Have Sex

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How To Have Sex

How To Have Sex

It was 11pm when a girl texted me wanting to be with me and asking me to meet her. I’m tired already because I went on to bed with 2 girls earlier that day. I still obliged and hopped to go the bar to meet her.

I arrived slightly kissed her on the cheek and saw that she has 5 beautiful girlfriends with her. She did not tell about it but since I’m now here, they can be sure that they will land on me. They don’t know that I know the how to have sex secrets.

I ordered for some beers and one of her friends stood beside me. We exchange names and even for just a few seconds of meeting with her I used the how to have sex method and asked her the 3 questions that turn women on. In just a minute or two we were making out. We sneeked away from my original date and from her friends and went to her place.

I surely can’t disclose the how to have sex technique to you guys because they’re just too powerful. Also, you’d just take them for granted and even a more maybe is that you won’t even use them because you’re afraid of getting rejected. But this I tell you, once I’ve known the secret to making any girl want to sleep with me, I immediately went out and talked the first hottest girl that my eyes could land on. Even with anxiety, nervousness, and excitement, I still took the courage to talk to her and that’s when I did prove that talking to women is so damn fun. And after I managed to approached her I applied the techniques in the program and she instantly, in just a snap, became so attracted the the whole experience was just surreal.

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